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Trade in nifty, banknifty and stocks options with accuracy of upto 95%. You have to strictly follow our rules and regulations to make more profits with patience , discipline and risk management with optionunique trading




Risk Management : Key For Success

Risk management helps cut down losses. Managing your risk helps to secure your trading capital from vanishing. The risk occurs when traders suffer losses .If a trader can manage his/her risk then he/she can make money without any threat or fear.

1. Trading can be exciting and even profitable if you are able to stay focused, do due diligence, and keep emotions at bay.

2. Still, the best traders need to incorporate risk management practices to prevent losses from getting out of control.

3. Having a strategic and objective approach to cutting losses through stop orders, taking profit and managing money is a smart way to remain in the market.

Planning your trade

Successful traders know what price they are willing to pay and at what price they are willing to sell. They can analyse their winning and lossing probabilities to reach their goal of becoming profitable. You should always have a trading plan before entering into any contract which means that your stoploss or loss limit should be decided before taking trade. And you should also know how much profit you want from that trade.

Risk Reward Ratio

Your risk should always be less than reward i.e an investment with a risk-reward ratio of 1:5 suggests that an investor is willing to risk Rs.1000, for the prospect of earning Rs.5000. In general, more will be the risk more will be the return you generate in a trade.

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